Science of Mindfulness- Photo Credit: Joosung Kwon. All Rights Reserved

Why Meditation?

The practice of meditation has been central to many contemplative traditions for thousands of years. Through meditation, practitioners are able to develop qualities of mindfulness, which allow them to critically examine the unfolding nature of the mind. Those who are deeply embedded in the practice of mindfulness report a range of health benefits and improvements in well-being.

Recently, Western medicine has begun to investigate the practice of meditation to understand its therapeutic properties for healthy and clinical populations alike. With an exponential increase in the scientific studies of meditation and the qualities of mindfulness, scientists have just begun to corroborate many of the beneficial effects of mindfulness that certain contemplative traditions have been proposing for thousands of years. As this young science advances, the challenge will be to accurately discern between the evidence derived from rigorous scientific studies and the seemingly unavoidable hype surrounding mindfulness as a cure-all.

In an attempt to nurture discourse in this field, I invite you to join us in this valuable dialogue to critically examine, synthesize, and discuss the latest advances and perspectives in the science of mindfulness.

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